Establishing a business can be a daunting task. Apart from many vital decisions to be taken, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is very important for the workplace. It may affect the health of the workforce as well as adversely affect life and quality of the stock stored. There are many professional service providers offering service of cleaning for small businesses. These commercial cleaning companies perform the cleaning activities for the entire office and warehouse after working hours every day or regularly depending upon the agreement done. Hence nowadays hiring a cleaning service proves to be more cost effective instead of appointing a full-time employed janitor. It Is important that authenticity and legal background checks of servicemen are done to avoid any risk or theft. Therefore, you can explore the list of reliable service providers on

Tips for choosing a cleaning service company are:
1. Well established service provider: A prominent service provider with strong track records and positive feedbacks will always be beneficial. Ask for references which can vouch for the quality standards of the service offered by the cleaning company. Also, if the service provider is an established group, it is easier to determine the responsibility for any malpractice taking place while performing the assigned work.

2. Training and experience: Experience is an important consideration. There are certain practices which can be expertized only through practice. Constant training for best and standard cleaning practices and equipment used the world over will make the process more fast and effective. Knowing about the training schedules of the staff can give you the understanding of cleaning company’s commitment to training and quality standards.

3. Certifications and standards: Usually there are certain safety and cleaning standards established like cleaning industry management standard(CIVIS), CIMS green company standards, occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), which the cleaning company adhere to in benefit of your company. In the occurrence of an accident, your attesting and testing these certifications would ensure no legal implications arising for you.

4. Insurance: The cleaning company should be insured entirely for the staff working under them as well as for the security of your facility and company.

5. Green cleaning: A newer and nowadays a most vital consideration which any company should adhere to. It refers to using cleaning products and techniques which are environmentally friendly and preserves the environmental safety and human health. Having proper safety gear worn by the cleaning staff at the time of cleaning, as well as the use of proper indicative boards at the time of work in progress will ensure least chances f any accident taking place. Proper management of the waste generated is also necessary for environmental security.

6. Get a price quote: It is better to get the quote from multiple service providers and then to evaluate their offering based upon certain quality, safety, price parameters. They will mostly provide vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, sanitizing services. Should also carefully look for any hidden cost they have included.

7. Review the contract thoroughly: Since their workforce will be working on your premises, it is important to carefully evaluate your responsibility and liabilities defined in the contract to avoid any legal issue on a later date. Also, your requirements and needs should be completely covered in the contract, so that the cleaning company does not avoid taking responsibility later.

Having a dedicated one point of contact for coordination of various activities will make the complete task easier to control. Therefore, the cleaning company should provide you a customer service manager to handle all your problems and queries.