bachelor party

A bachelor party is arguably the last hurrah to a man’s single life. While Las Vegas and Amsterdam are some locations that come to the mind of every best man saddled with the responsibility of making the groom-to-be feel like a million bucks before his wedding day, the website has a rather different location in mind for the party – Montreal. Considered one of the safest cities anywhere in the world, Montreal comes alive like no one’s business when the sun goes down. The locals of Montreal are some of the most warmest in the country, embracing their love for life in ways that you would never expect.

In true Montreal style, there is a great emphasis on hospitality. The streets brim with the smells of incredible food and lodging is exceptional. Whether you choose a chain hotel, a boutique hotel or the cheapest lodgings in the city, they are all bound to offer you great hospitality and comfort. Food is likewise extremely varied; from cheap pub grub to fine cuisine, there is something for everyone on every street of the city. Incredibly, everything tastes excellent, something that is not often seen when the bill varies so much between classes of dining.

Another moniker for Montreal is Sin City (at least for North America). Crowned as one of most liberal cities, a bachelor party will fit in perfectly. It has everything you could ever need to throw your party. From old world charm to the most hopping parties, Montreal never disappoints. Flash a little cash and get ready to be treated like royalty. Couple that with the fact that it is extremely affordable compared to the likes of Vegas, and you have yourself the undisputed winner of all bachelor party destinations.

Montreal’s location also makes it easier to get to, especially for people living along the East Coast. The flight time is only one hour from Boston New York or New Jersey. This makes Montreal way more accessible than other famous destinations for bachelor parties like Las Vegas, which is all the way out in the desert. While Montreal’s winters may be harsh and terribly long, the summer and spring seasons make up for it with perfect warmth and clear skies that wipe away the gloominess of the passing winter. Montreal takes advantage of the gorgeous party weather with many, many music festivals and open air events.

Last, but not least, they have some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Sure, other destinations have their fair share of lovely women, but to have beautiful women who are accessible to any bachelor party is a feat only achieved in Montreal. In fact, if you are planning for the ubiquitous trip to a strip club for the bachelor party, you will find dozens of them downtown. Montreal strip clubs are classy affordable and give you the full experience. The women working at these clubs are easygoing and friendly, making the experience all the sweeter. Keeping all of this in mind, finding something to do in Montreal for a bachelor party is hardly ever going to be a problem.