HDTV Antenna

The HDTV antenna is the alternative options for watching TV channels without any standard subscription packages. It is really a budget option as you have to pay huge money for viewing TV channels using cable connections or direct to home services as seen here. If you are living in an area which is near a TV channel broadcasting tower, you can go for an indoor TV antenna. Otherwise, you have to buy an outdoor TV antenna and you have to place it on top of your home building to pull TV signals as explained at gadgets-reviews.com. Below are some important points which you have to consider before buying an HDTV antenna.

OTA Advantages
· You can watch videos and pictures with high definition quality through HDTV antenna. You will be getting high definition and standard definition digital TV signals through antenna without any disturbances. Normally, local cable TV operators will telecast only in standard definition and they will switch to high definition only on prime time.
· There are Local Cable TV or local digital TV broadcast service providers available in each and every area. They have almost covered around 99% of the TV channel subscribers. It is really a tough task for converting people from the cable connection to HDTV antenna option as they are used to these kinds of services for quite long.
· Even though cable and DTH service providers can provide an endless list of channels, the picture quality will be bad or normal many times. Only HDTV can provide real high clarity pictures all the time.
· The main advantage of having over-the-air, OTA through HDTV antenna is free of cost. You can access all your local channels through HDTV antenna. Cable TV operators or direct to home service provider will provide you only limited local channels as per your subscription package. You have to pay more in case you want all the local channels.

HDTV Tuner
If your antenna setup is good and has high-quality signal receiving strength, your antenna can pull channels even from nearest town or city. If you have used the HDTV TV antenna for more than 8 years your built-in TV channel tuner will not tune channels with high definition and hence you have to buy one HDTV tuner separately.

OTA Signals
It is tough to pull signals from more than 70-mile distance or in a mountain area and the TV broadcasting tower is covered by the hills, you will not get good clarity while viewing TV channels. So you have to find out the nearest transmitters for viewing local channels. Also, you have to buy an antenna which has good reception.

TV antenna
The picture and video quality mainly depend on the nearest local TV station transmitters. If the local TV station is very near to your home, you can buy an indoor antenna which is good enough to receive high-quality signals. Otherwise, you have to buy an outdoor antenna and you need to fix it on the top of your home to enjoy watching TV.