Know Some Facts About Medical Marijuana

As a drug, the medical marijuana has many therapeutic uses, and hence it is legal in many states in America. According to medical marijuana had its presence since 2737 B.C in the form of cannabis. Marijuana was initially used by the Chinese emperor to treat gout, malaria and even poor memory. As indicated in the website medical marijuana has become popular in many Asian countries, used this drug to get relief from stress. Of course, there is a different school of thought in America that marijuana has a very high potential for abuse and has no legitimate medicinal value.

The medicinal use of cannabis also referred as marijuana was popularized by the Irish medical expert William O’Shaughnessy after his observation of the drug in India. He has spread his findings to England and America. Marijuana has suffered various criticisms in America, and the drug was not mentioned in the FDA guidelines. There was also a move to curtail to control this chemical substance in all parts of America. Interestingly, the famous Marijuana Tax Act 1937 has also imposed high taxes on the medical experts who were prescribing marijuana for various health disorders. However, marijuana had faced many onslaughts before it became an official drug in many states in the USA and other countries.

Now it is time for us to know the medicinal benefits of marijuana. It is now available in various forms. Today, marijuana can be ingested in pill form, vaporized, smoked and even made an edible to add with foods such as chocolate bars, cookies and so on. According to medical experts, marijuana contains around sixty active ingredients called as cannabinoids. According to medical findings, our body makes its own form of cannabinoids that offers pain relief. Medical science has proved that the cannabinoids in marijuana are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which targets the CB1 receptor found in the brain as well as in the other nervous systems, liver, and lungs. When this rector is activated, the pain is reduced to a great extent in any part of the body. The CBC, another cannabinoid has also reduced the inflammation.

In general, innumerable patients have found pain reduction by smoking marijuana in gas form. More importantly, the usage of marijuana and its gaining medical benefits are determined by the intake quantity. When used in the prescribed form and quality one is sure to avoid any side effects. Hence one should not deviate from the suggestion given by the medical experts to prevent any side effects.

It is a general rule in all the states in America that doctor’s approval is mandatory to consume marijuana in any form. Most of the states allow obtaining medical marijuana through the online application process, which is quite extensive in order to avoid any abuse of this drug by lawbreakers. The State Laws prescribe strict conditions for the sellers who sell the product to the prescribed patients. Of course, these terms also vary from state to state regarding prescribing forms and quantity supplied to each patient. Many states do not allow marijuana to use for ant personal use.